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Organic Products

During the period of 2006-2012 an organic agriculture project was implemented in Huzurikanda area of MATI Cooperative. Since 2013 the project has been being implemented in an extended area of Mymensingh along with the previous area Huzurikanda. Since the beginning, the project was mainly focused on Kitchen Gardening (KG) by the women farmer. But, since 2013 the project is focusing much on organic agriculture both in Kitchen Garden and in the field. And since 2019 the project is much focusing on organic production and marketing in order to creating bigger impacts in terms of food & livelihood security for the marginalized farmers.

In order to enhance promotion of organic farming and ensuring profitable price for the organic producers MATI Cooperative has started developing a supply chain and by turn a value chain of organic products from the target people to urban consumers. At present, only few non-perishable products such as rice, mustard oil, pulses and spices are being supplied on piloting basis. For this, MATI Cooperative has established store house-cum-shop at Mymensingh town from where the products are supplied to the consumers.

In order to strengthen the initiative, recently, MATI Cooperative has decided to established farmers’ cooperative. MATI Cooperative will facilitate the process of development of cooperative in order to establish it on an institutional base. The capacity building process of the target people to successfully & independently manage the cooperative will take some times. The target people have already decided to take organic production & marketing initiative by the cooperative.