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SSP (Student Support Program)

Child marriage is a menace in Bangladesh that can only be overcome through education. Mati give financial help through SSP (Student support program) to the parents who choose school instead of marriagedespite their extremepoverty.Student support program (SSP) is also known as “AsharAlo” being introduced by MATI Cooperative for the poor and needy students near our project area who barely needs help to keep continuing their education and stop early child marriage.

MATI Cooperative

With the support of some private sponsors, mainly from Germany, but also from neighboring countries, Mati has been helping many children from the poorest backgrounds since 2005. Especially girls are often saved from the threat of child marriage. It has proven to be an excellent instrument to protect girls from early marriage and children in general from being exploited too early in their families for lack of money.

In 2019, 235 children from Mymensingh and 90 children from Huzurikanda, Sherpur received a monthly stipend in this way, which their parents spend mainly on private lessons and another additional educational cost. The majority of these sponsored children are girls. Alongside they are having different training on awareness and health-related subjects, getting extra support for instance school registration fee, buy expensive stationery products, health Support etc. Every month, the SSP coordination team regularly make guardians meetings with these children’s parents, and they regularly visit children’s home and school visits to know if they are facing any problem.

SSP students also do have some responsibilities. They are assisting to Mati volunteer team in different awareness campaigns, participate in local cleaning programs, helping on tree plantation programs, school awareness programs, taking part in monthly meetings and handmade crafting practice.