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The most important achievements of the organisation so far

MATI Cooperative

• Poverty alleviation:

MATI Cooperative has been working in an integrated approach for sustainable ending of all dimension of poverty of the poor specially the extreme poor people living both at rural & urban areas focusing on the women members of the poor families.

• Women empowerment:

In 2004 MATI Cooperative was awarded with the German UNIFEM-Prize for its exemplary “Kitchen Garden”-Project by the German National Committee of UNIFEM for being an ideal ‘good-practice’ example for empowerment, capacity-building and leading the way to self-help and self-determination.

• MATI Cooperative Vocational Training Institute:

MATI Cooperative has been providing vocational trainings to the women & youth of rural poor families as an effective tool for poverty alleviation of the poor families. MATI Cooperative is going to give this intervention an institutional form considering the demand.

• Millennium Village & SDG Village development:

MATI Cooperative has been working to develop model village in order to trial and outline the strategies for achieving previous MDGs and now SDGs for the rural poor people.

• Nature Conservation:

In order to develop model of nature conservation and ecological agriculture MATI Cooperative has established ‘MATI Cooperative Eco-village’ and ‘MATI Cooperative Eco-resort’.

• Organic agriculture:

MATI Cooperative believes in organic agriculture for saving the nature & ensuring food security. Therefore, MATI Cooperative has developed a group of organic farmers who have been practicing organic agriculture amidst lots of adversities.

• Climate Change:

MATI Cooperative has been raising people’s awareness on root causes of climate change in Mymensingh & Sherpur district as well as building resilience of the community people by promoting adaptation techniques. MATI Cooperative also sensitized the civil society people to work together by organizing them in a network named ‘Climate change network of greater Mymensingh’.

• Child care/Day care centre:

This is a unique intervention of MATI Cooperative by developing day care facilities for the working poor women in the slum area of Mymensingh town.

• Health Care, water & sanitation:

MATI Cooperative has been providing health care services for the extreme poor people who don’t have access to the available healthcare facilities. At the same time MATI Cooperative has been supporting the target people in improving their sanitation facilities and safe drinking water.